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Quarreling during quarantine

Oh wait! Thank god right now i am in ‘no regret zone’ for not making up a resolution list at the start of this year, seems like the planet earth has made its own resolutions this 2020.

After listening to the endless news channels, facebook videos, internet information, whtsapp videos and also the local radio channels it is loud and clear to us all, its only quarantine which can prevent us all from the virus COVID-19. Well, everyone must be excited to live with the loved ones and the family which everyone complains about due to the lifestyle and fast life we humans are in. Now realising the quarantined to be for weeks it might create distress in any relationship; romatic, familial, or friendly.

Spending umpteen time with the family and partners being all lockdown at home may increase the drama amongst each other. It is natural that your partner requires different levels of autonomy & closeness, alone time, sleep time; putting all these things together you have a perfect recipe for the arguments.

COVID-19 quarantine isn’t just about managing your own needs and anxiety. It is also about finding the ways to coexist with someone and all of their needs and anxieties every minute of everyday in a confined space for an undisclosed amount of time. While the experience will be easier for some (sorry, extroverts), quarantine will mess with everyone’s heads. You will be easily bored, frustrated, angry, irritated which will brings up meaningless bickering and cribbing. Now, yes, it is the time for introspection for the good, so as to handle varies relationship pretty maturely.

Things we can do while quarantine :

Perfect harmony is not the goal its really about self awareness”.

1. Plan activities : Plan your activities in a way that adds sugar in the bond as couple. Many online hourly activities can be good to get indulge in. The couple yoga is one good idea to try to reduce stress and brush up the bond.

2. Time-out : Respect each other’s space and do take the timeouts everyday. Despite of focusing only on the partner do some self satisfying acts too.

3. Be responsible : Try to understand the pressure of being quarantined on each individual by helping with sone household chores. Don’t let anyone partner to take the whole lot of burden and also keep the space clean and conductive for living.

4. Change of attitude : Just don’t start any conversation of the day with negative aspect of the partner. Try to bring the positives and strengths out of the partner.

5. Practice even more patience : Avoid getting in heated arguments. Try to end the arguments by calming down. Accepting mistakes and learning from it will benefit the self and the partner. “Talk as much as you want, listen as much as the partner wants.”

You have got the whole time in the world for yourself and the family. Please use it in the most beautiful and efficient ways making the family bonds prosperous.
Stay home, stay safe

~Everything can be solved~


  1. Wonderful piece of advice to the couples. Each one should understand and respect feelings of other person.


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