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Baby blues

She is very happy still feels unhappy. She is glorified still feels dissatisfied . She is relieved still feels gloom. She is diligent still feels bogus. She is circumambient still feels gone. She is eager still feels dull. She is pep still feels less. She is passionate still feels lethargic. She is an albatross still feels exempted. She is the lead still feels weak. She is receptive to the phase still feels the hold. She is aware of everything still feels lost. She is offering still feels insufficient. She is immensely hit still feels insecure. She knows she should not put herself in destined addiction still she does.

Yes, a female when is called by as “THE MOTHER”, it’s not only her body that is changed. 
Motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman, but it comes with hundreds  of unseen challenges, that is hard to put in words. The years she has put in to grow her babies are the crucial years she has taken out of her own life making her to start it from scratch. The instability should be respected and be understood.

#Go through feelings 

Fomo - Fear of missing out. One of the major feeling that affects a woman where she is always scared of missing out on her career, work, fun, freedom and the golden young years of her life.

Detachment - Oh yes! It is exactly how she is presently feeling, as she is not attached with the outer world the way it use to be. She is uninformed of basic issues outside her house, say about the movies, the politics, the fashion, the new places opening around the city, the friends and much more.

Mood swings - It is that time of her life wherein she is addressing rapid mood changes in a day affecting her energy level, sleep cycle, concentration and much more. These mood  changes duration may vary.

Isolation - Well, com’n nobody wants to feel this isolation any day ,anytime. The stress of being isolated with the ongoing world gives the irritation that makes to deal with the phase difficult.

#Postpartum blues are not the postpartum depression 

For the major concern we need to learn about the difference in the two aspects which is often used simultaneously due to the lack of awareness.

  • Duration - All the above mentioned feelings are experienced by many women but, it can not always be put into the family of depression. Unless, such feelings don’t extend for more than 2 weeks, it is addressed as baby blues.
  • Anxiety - It jumps in life when one can not take up with the everyday stresses efficiently. So, as when such anxiousness does not effect the routine life, it is again not to be put as the postpartum depression.
  • Thinking negatively - One major aspect to look upon is the thought pattern. If there are intense negative thoughts like suicide and which also ghosts the mind exceeds 2 weeks, meaning to seek for professional help.

#To deal with the baby blues 

It is always easier said than done”, is well no big a lie but “Nothing is impossible”, is again no a big lie. Henceforth, it is difficult to get out of such situations but this can be done when you show some self compassion.

Some starters and basics to start on with :-

  1. Identify your feelings - This is the very foremost step towards working yourself. Acceptance of the feelings is must, in order to deal with them positively.
  2.  Say “thank you” - Rememberer to keep the gratitude journal as a self reminder to help you perceive your negatives into positives.
  3. Friend zone yourself  - Meaning be your own friend with whom confessions and listening/talking can be done. Know yourself.
  4. Social connections - The most valid time to take use of social media in a plus is now.  Have a little manageable social life which gives some relaxation.
  5. Talking - The best way is always the talking. Do the talking as much as needed and when needed. Talk to the best friends, parents, partners, children and anyone, but to those who will pull you out not push you in.

~Everything can be solved~

# postpostpartum


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